I am here to Create...

and make the step by step process to creating your visions a breeze!

Hi, I'm Olivia

The Designer  

I am passionate about exploring and building a story or a meaning behind why something is being made and why it is the way it is, to maintain strong integrity throughout my design process.

I enjoy both working individually and in a team aspect of design as it provides opportunities to see things from a different perspective and open a new avenue in uncharted waters.

So big or small I am here to help with innovatively reinventing your ideas and make it come to life in a way that resonates with your audience. 

As the designer and founder of Olive rose designs I am passionate about providing a client with striking designs achieved from the outcomes in your brief. I thrive on my friendly service which provides excellent communication, engaging designs, and brand solutions.


Not only am I a designer, I am a problem solver and business partner, whose work is inspired by simplicity and storytelling. I understand that one size never fits all so if any of the services provided do not suit you, do not hesitate to ask and I can tailor a package to suit all stages of your design brief.


The Studio

Olive Rose Designs is based in the stunning region of Gold Coast located on the edge of the Asia-Pacific Rim, South East corner of Queensland, Australia and was established in 2018.

Olive rose Designs specialises in  Graphic Design, Illustrations, and Product Design, as the business grows Olive rose Designs thrives to assist clients through creating the visual representations of there idea and making it a reality via social media, branding presence and marketing. Olive rose Designs specialises in branding and logo creation, all manner of printed material, and 3D modeling.

Olive rose Design operates five days a week and is always happy to hear new thoughts and ideas.

The meaning behind ‘Olive Rose Designs’

This name was chosen as it resonates with my personal name however, still stands on its own. ‘Olive’ was derived from a nickname I used to get called and ‘rose’ is my middle name, therefore they blend beautifully together and it is only fitting to have ‘designs’ at the end to emphasis what the business offers.

One of your most important resources is yourself if you're not inspired and genuinely believe in what you are developing and creating in your own business, then how is anyone else.  Here creating a driving force to create jobs and opportunities that I can be proud to associate my name too.

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