Relaxation Raft

Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation, with this floatation raft by soaking up the sun or socialising with friends. This enjoyable, fun, fresh, quirky and unique design allows you to alter the size and formation to the desired number of people and moods (as shown through the models to the left), enabling you to sit back and relax and enjoy all year round. Although this is not a safety raft, it has consider safety through ensuring entry platforms are implemented at all times when a chair is not required, to ensure that nobody slips into the connections grooves and by generating a small gap between each component this allows the weight to be forced solely on that individual component instead of weighing down each component as a whole, allowing a smoother experience on the raft and minimising capsizing or submerging of the raft. Through considering the ergonomics and anthropometrics, it is important to consider the movement of people and the ease of use. By implementing removable armrest this enabled the individual to choose whether their more comfortable with or without them, also by removing the armrest this enables more room if the person is slightly larger. The central raft is situated at a comfortable reach for the average person, yet still allows enough room for someone to walk by without invading their space.

As this product is for outdoor water environment purposes, UV protection will therefore be added to the MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) compound along with the desired colour/s and Photoluminescent polyethylene (glow in the dark). Here enabling the raft to be used at both day and night, however advised other lights are accompanied. Each component will be hollowed out with a 40mm wall thickness, to ensure the raft is stable whilst people are either siting or climbing onto the raft and also to create sufficient buoyancy.

This relaxation raft can be used in anybody of water (i.e. lake, resort pool), with or without being dock. However for a more calm and relaxing experience it is advised this raft to be place within calm waters. Future prospects for this design would be implementing a fairly transparent plastic in the mould of the central raft to enable not on a feature piece, but to allow the occupants to view the substances below the surface of the water, creating a the same essence of a glass bottom boat .

To enable this product to be as sustainable as possible it aims to re-enforce the environmental impact that products have in society, ensuring the decision of the designer are considering the materials sourcing (choosing plastic which will have the least impact on the environment), construction (in this case maximising materials, through the use of recyclable off cuts and broken parts, which can be turned back in powder and be reused, avoid harmful toxins and pollutants) and correct use of disposal to ensure a positive benefit to society, the environment and economies. Once this product reaches its maximum use and is ready to be recycled it will be deconstructed and if still reusable turned back into powder to produce a new product.

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