Rear Bike Basket

We all have belongings when we go outside, even if it just your phone or keys. However when riding although you might have pockets which are functional they aren't convenient whilst riding a bike. Therefore by designing a lightweight, versatile solution for carrying all your belongings, this basket enables you to have a glove box on the back of your bike which can easily and quickly detach and take with you and turn into a basket.

Through the use of customisation this will enable the consumer to design and create a basket to their desired preferences, choosing from selected materials, colours and pattern therefore ensuring an appeal to consumers needs and reduced environmental impact through sustainability and a long lasting product, as this decreases the chances of the product to become easily obsolete.

To design a unique, charismatic, versatile and removable 3D printed Rear basket, that is easy to use and reduces environmentally impacts, demonstrating the advancement in technology in comparison to conventional technology. This product aims to be manufactured through the use of 3D Printing, to enable minimal material wastage and intricate and unique designs to be seamlessly achieved.

The aim is to design a product, for outdoor enthusiasts who will be able to visually bond and identify with this product. the reason why i am exploring the current market of cruiser bikes is due to the constantly growing outdoor activity culture surrounding the beach. From this aiming to design an aesthetically pleasing product which can be expanded from a Glove box into a removable basket when weight is applied.

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