Cocoon Chair

This Flat packable Cocoon Chair, CNC routered out of marine plywood or film face plywood; values sustainability and aims to re-enforce the environmental impact that products have in society, ensuring the decision of the designer is considering the materials, construction and use of disposal to ensure a positive benefit to society, the environment and economies. Once this product reaches its maximum use and is ready to be recycled it will be deconstructed and the different components will be distributed in the correct recyclable processes.

Through considering the ergonomics and anthropocentric, it is important to consider the movement of people and the ease of use. By implementing a raise below the legs this enables the individual to sit back and ‘put their feet up’ and makes the user sit in a relaxing position to help generate the ultimate goal of comfortability and tranquility. This Product is currently aimed for indoor purposes, however does not mean it cannot be situated in an outdoor environment (with the use of marine plywood), which would enable the beautiful sunlight to shine through the spaces and not only create lovely organic shapes but enable the user to have shade whilst still having the warmth of the sunlight.

Each component is thick enabling a stable and durable seating device, that is easily assembled, to create a beautifully organic cocoon chair,with a optional storage space under the legs, enabling the individual to visually bond and identify with this product, creating a unique space.

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