Tip's to helping you Prepare for Brand Design

Tips on creating a mood board

If this is your first time to make a mood board, these tips can help you get started.

1. Find inspiration from anywhere

Although you may be making a digital mood board, it doesn’t mean that you should get ideas purely online. The world is your ultimate and free source of ideas, so go ahead and look outside the confines of your computer or phone.


2. Take lots of pictures that spike your interest

Take snapshots of anything that catches your attention. Any camera is fine.

3. Pick a central image or theme, and build up from there

It’s easy to get lost in all of the possibilities when you are making your mood board, so one way of avoiding confusion is to decide on a particular theme. You may select a specific color, font, or an image, and use this as your focal point.

4. Use words

Mood boards are not limited to images. Make sure that if you use words that they are readable and that they create an impact that enhances the flow of your mood-board. Avoid overpowering your mood board with paragraphs and small fonts, as this detracts from the visual nature of the mood board.


6. Get creative!

Experiment with your mood-board. Don’t limit your ideas and most importantly Have fun! Mood boards are supposed to spark ideas from you, so don’t restrict yourself to a certain idea. Welcome, all idea's and then as you build you can eliminate ideas.

A lot of clients that often come to me for graphic design services or digital services and have not worked with a designer before and therefore are often stumped to what they should be looking for and how the design process works. So do not fret you are not alone! 


Drawing from previous clients the initial point of call is to immediately touch base with the designer and express what design needs to be done, however unsure how to start or the rest of the details. This is okay because I, as a designer am here to assist you through the process however the first step to enable a great outcome is to be organised.

More often than not you will have an idea in your mind whether that be colours, style, fonts, or a vision of your new branding before approaching a designer. If you are unsure of the direction of your brand, it recommends to take the time and unpack the things you like and dislike. Creating a mood board is created for this. Sites that can assist you with inspiration are Pinterest, Instagram and even google.

From this, if you create a mood board, Pinterest account or file on your computer, you can forward it through to the designer. As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, in this case to a designer it really is, as it enables you both to be on the same page.  You may be thinking 'is this why I am hiring a designer for?',  the designer's like myself creates original artwork for your brand, however by providing clear examples, this enables the starting blocks to the foundation to building the design process. Being organised will enable you and your designer to hit the ground running and hopefully save you some money on unnecessary revisions, as you have taken the time to unpack what you really want. 


When considering your new brand, you often get quite excited and want it as soon as possible. However the key element within design is that you need to ensure your time-frame is realistic and as often people do not understand the lengths of time it can take to create a new brand or simply if you do not plan ahead your desired designer may no be able to fit you in until months ahead- hear creating a road block to your wonderful journey of being a business owner. 

Questions to consider to ask your Designer

Most importantly communication is key when working with a designer. Do not feel as though any question is too silly. As a designer I am here to assist you through the design process and build the face to your brand that you are proud to stand aside.



If you're new to this a few question you may think to ask are :


-   How does your design process work ?

-   Are your designs original and created from scratch or do you buy them?

     (if so do i need to buy a license for those graphic's) 

-    What type of file formats will I receive ?

-    Do you have a questionnaire for me to fill out ? 

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