Peachy Keen, while cute, also stands for PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Chronic Health and You. " We’re Peachy Keen to support you, and we continually had this in mind when developing our brand, products and the range we have curated."


Having a chronic illness can be very all-encompassing, and Peachy Keen wanted to create a brand that would have your back, with the essentials and extras you need to make living with a chronic condition, that little bit easier!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Peachy Keen and Qendo, in creating their branding elements and packaging. 

If you are suffering from one of these chronic illnesses or know someone who is, pop over to, or @peachykeenau and discover not only their new range however amazing resources.

Marko's Magic Ride

I had the beautiful opportunity to illustrate and design the logo for 'Marko's Magic Ride' and it's an absolute honour to be able to assist in such a small way.

Marko is a beautiful and lively two year old. Unfortunately, in the two short years of his life he's already endured more than most of us would in our lifetime. In April 2018, at only 16 months of age, Marko and his family received devastating news that Marko had neuroblastoma. Although a relatively rare form of cancer, neuroblastoma is one of the most common malignant tumours in children under the age of five. 

Following extensive research of various clinical trials available across the globe and one in particular being in New York, USA. The trial is led by Dr Brian Kushner, a renowned pediatric oncologist who specializes in neuroblastoma treatment. It seems that this opportunity is the best hope available in the world at the moment to give Marko another chance in life. Unfortunately, this treatment does not come cheap.

However there is Hope!!

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